Publication ethics

All papers are screened for plagiarism by the editors. The journal accepts only original research papers that are currently not submitted for consideration elsewhere. Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication is not supported.

The journal follows and honours the general publication ethics in research, as declared by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) at:

Authors shall, above all:

Editors shall, above all:

Reviewers shall, above all:

Copyright issues

Authors are required to obtain permissions for any copyrighted material. The publisher shall not bear any liability for potential copyright infringement of third parties. Should any text be found, once published, to infringe copyright or to violate publication ethics, the publisher reserves the right to retract the article and provide adequate information about the matter in the journal and on the webpage.

All users are free to download, share and distribute the content of the journal. Individual articles may be posted on the researchers’ personal websites and academic/institutional repositories. External links should be directed to the papers in the FF MU Digital Library at Please use permanent URLs as links to articles (e.g. or

The journal retains the copyright in the articles; please send any requests for reprints to the editor-in-chief. Any commercial re-use of published articles, in part or in whole, is subject to prior approval and negotiation of the terms of such a re-publication.