"Murenulas aureas Vermiculatas argento" : teze k disputaci Othmara Daniela Zinkeho (1689) jako oslava opata Tomáše Sartoria a ztělesnění benediktinských stavebních a objednavatelských aktivit


This article examines a thesis print created in 1689 to announce the disputation of Othmar Daniel Zinke (1664–1738), member of the Benedictine monasteryof Břevnov-Broumov, at the end of his studies at the Archbishop's Seminary in Prague. It was engraved by Balthasar van Westerhout (1656–1728) after a model by Johann Jakob Steinfels (1651–1730). At that time Steinfels was at the start of his career as a fresco painter. The thesis print is dedicated to Zinke's patron, abbot Thomas Sartorius (1630–1700). The programme is developed around a portrait of the abbot with Divina Providentia, St Benedict, St Wenceslas, the two monastic saints Margaret and Adalbert. Sartorius' virtues are honoured by personifications with accompanying emblems (including specific Benedictine virtues such as Humilitas and Fides benedictina). His functions and activities are summarised emblematically, especially in the field of architecture as a client. The analysis of the iconography shows in an exemplary manner how fundamental knowledge of the historical context is when deciphering emblems and the thesis print as a whole. Finally, the print can be read as an early programme of Zinke's own ideas on the role of art and architecture in the post of abbot – from 1700 Zinke himself became abbot of Břevnov-Broumov.

Klíčová slova:
baroque thesis prints; Johann Jakob Steinfels; Benedictine iconography; Břevnov Monastery; Broumov Monastery; virtues; emblems



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