Renesanční nástěnné malby na zámku v Moravském Krumlově


Renaissance wall paintings have recently been discovered at the château in Moravský Krumlov. The most significant of these is a painted decoration of the walls and illusive coffering on the vaulting in one of the spaces in the original medieval tower. This is just the torso of the decoration, which originally probably extended into all the representative rooms of the south wing of the château. By finding appropriate comparison locations in this country and abroad, as well as graphic examples in the work of Sebastiano Serlio, it was possible to determine a possible time frame for the creation of these paintings, which probably originated between the end of the 1530s and the beginning of the second half of the 16th century. In addition, stylistic interpretation of the revealed paintings also points to a possible manifestation of the so-called hybrid style, both through the placing of sophisticated Renaissance motifs in the vaulted spaces of the original medieval tower, and the use of the quick, cheap stencil painting technique.

Klíčová slova:
Moravský Krumlov; the Lords of Lipé; chateau; the Renaissance; murals; hybrid style



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